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2022 Kitchen Design Trends
Monday, February 21st 2022, 7:50 PM

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

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The kitchen is considered the heart of a home. As our lifestyles evolved to one where everybody shares the cooking and chores, the kitchen is now more a family space than ever. This has been reflected in the attention given to aesthetics and functionality when designing a kitchen. 

Whether remodeling an existing kitchen or building a new home, homeowners are looking for ways to design kitchens that show personal taste and the latest trends while ensuring the best use of space. Sterling Creek Builders in Fredericksburg, Texas, are custom home builders providing services in the Hill Country area. Here they present a glimpse of the kitchen design trends of 2022. 


When possible, larger windows are incorporated in the design to let natural light into kitchens. Especially after the pandemic, more people want homes to bring nature and outdoor elements in. Kitchen lighting is now preferred to be bright, but not harsh. Integrated lighting may be used for functional and aesthetic purposes. In kitchens and across new homes, designers are using lighting to boost mood, productivity, and appearance. Biodynamic lighting that changes from bright to warm tones according to biorhythms, can influence mood and add beauty. As kitchens are now multifunctional spaces, the ability to dim lights using traditional dimmers, apps, and voice-controlled lighting and motion sensors is useful. Multiple sources of light can be provided for different tasks. A well-placed pendant or beautiful lantern can elevate the look of the kitchen and act as a statement piece. 


In concurrence with the shift away from all-white kitchens, cabinets are becoming colorful. Warm wood cabinets in neutral shades or painted cabinets that add pops of color are trending. Bolder hues like emerald green and navy blue are in. If less bold color is preferred, softer shades of blue or green can be used.

Sleek, simple, and clean-looking cabinets with flat overlay doors are becoming popular. Handles and knobs are also sleek. 

Colorful Appliances

Instead of silver and steel, more people nowadays choose colorful appliances. Mint green, turquoise or black appliances are being seen in kitchens.



Backsplash can change the entire look of a kitchen during remodeling. Instead of subway tiles, many homeowners are choosing larger slabs of tile. Wall coverage extends to the ceiling with larger backsplashes. This long, linear backsplash gives a stylish look to the kitchen. Patterns like herringbone, subtle waves, or a crackle glaze finish can add an interesting textural note to the kitchen. With some preferring whimsical, mosaic-style designs with matching marble finish or antique tiles, backsplashes can break the monotony of plain countertops and bring a pop of color to a kitchen. 

Kitchen Islands

With more people working from home, kitchen islands are serving multiple purposes. They serve as prep surfaces, eating counters, breakfast bars, makeshift work or school desks, and conference tables. With more meals moved into the kitchen and more family members being involved in cooking, many homeowners are opting for double kitchen islands in new construction homes with space. Some have a very long kitchen island instead of two. Renters can try a wheeled kitchen island cart. 

Closed Kitchens

Open-plan kitchens that were in demand are now giving way to kitchens that can be closed off. With more people working from home, being able to cut off sounds and contain smells in the kitchen area is preferred by some. Glazed partitions can also be used to split spaces while ensuring the light is not compromised. 

Smart Kitchens

New homes are being built with smart kitchens that integrate technology into functions and appliances. Smart kitchens can have faucets, lighting, and appliances that are “smart”. Older kitchens or kitchens being remodeled can be made smart by add ons like sensors and smart gadgets. These can be appliances with AI technology that integrate them with smartphones or devices like Alexa. Lighting may be controlled from a smartphone, and refrigerators can alert owners on grocery items to buy and those nearing expiration. Alerts from an oven that has finished preheating or a dishwasher that has completed its washing cycle can help families finish their chores efficiently. 

These are a few of the design trends that are catching on in 2022. Every family has specific requirements that can be discussed with a residential construction company. A custom home builder has the expertise to blend the homeowner’s taste with suitable trends. Homebuilders understand that especially in the kitchen, functionality, individual preferences, aesthetics, regional influences, and design trends have to be merged to create a space that homeowners will love and benefit from. Sterling Creek Builders Fredericksburg, Texas, has been offering custom home construction services in the Hill Country area since 2015. For new construction homes or any residential construction like changing the kitchen layout, homeowners in Fredericksburg, Texas, can reach them on 325-219-5155.

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