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Trends and Tips to Know When Choosing Lighting For A New Home Look

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For families, homes are their havens of safety and comfort. Homes are where lives are lived, and memories of a lifetime are mostly created in them. Homes are built and designed keeping this in mind. Functionality, aesthetics, comfort, and budget are all considered when designing a home. 

Lighting plays an important role in any home. It influences the ease of performing work or any task or activity in the home. Lighting can enhance or spoil the overall look of a house. Thoughtful lighting arrangements can set an ambiance and mood, which can also be altered. Homeowners can plan how the lighting must be in a new custom home depending on their needs, lifestyle, activities, furniture, decor, color scheme, etc. A custom home builder can help with suggestions on placement and types of lighting based on the family’s requirements. Sterling Creek Builders in Fredericksburg has been building homes and remodeling living spaces that bring their clients’ visions and dreams to life. In this article, they share some insights on lighting.

Choosing Lighting For A New Home Look

There are basically 3 types of lighting:

  1. Ambient lighting: It is the general lighting in a space that provides enough light for comfortable visibility all over a room. Overhead lights like ceiling light fixtures are the most common sources of ambient light. Other sources of ambient light are ceiling fans, chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lamps, etc. 
  2. Task lighting: is to allow clear visibility to perform tasks like cooking or reading. Under-cabinet lighting in kitchens, desk lamps, vanity lighting, mini pendants, etc., are all used to provide task lighting.
  3. Accent Lighting: helps to spotlight interesting features or call attention to certain decor. It also augments ambient lighting by providing light in parts that ambient light does not reach. Recessed lighting, wall sconces, and track lighting provide accent lighting. 

When choosing lighting, the need for light, the look or mood that the family desires, and the style of the fixtures are all considered. The trends in vogue will also play a role if they can be incorporated with the character and functionality the home call for. Some current trends in lighting are these.

  • Lighting can be the focus of the design

Especially in the living and dining areas ceiling lighting can be statement pieces rather than just functional pieces. A wide variety of light fittings that suit any style are available, whether it is contemporary, cottage-like rustic, or extravagant designer homes. Lights can transform rooms and become the tone-setter for the design if they are chosen and placed thoughtfully. This should be something that is considered right from the planning stage when building a custom home.

  • Bold designs that make a statement

When aiming for a unique look, homeowners choose bold designs with interesting textures, colors, or sculptural features that stand out even when not in use. These pieces add character to the room, are in harmony with the style of the home and its owners, and provide light. 

  • Symmetry is key

Maintaining symmetry is a tried and tested interior designing trick. This works perfectly for lighting as well. Having two lamps on either side of a painting or a feature like an arch or shelf can add a smart, clean look.

  • Make it colorful

Lampshades or light fixtures that complement the color scheme of the room or add bright pops of color can be chosen. These can lighten the mood or add a layer of warmth to the room.

  • Layer lighting

Whether in the bedroom, living room, or home office, different types of lighting can be used to create different looks that suit the ambiance or mood. For example, bedrooms or living areas can have pendant lights for ambient lighting that also act almost like decor when they are off. There must be sources of diffuse light for a warm feeling on winter nights or for a quiet night at home. Shaded lamps, quirky light fixtures, and frosted bulbs can all be used for a different effect. 

  • Lighting that accentuates wall art

Clever use of light to showcase art also throws backlight into the room. Art can be high-value in terms of money or personal reasons. Such art can be chosen to be a standout feature of a room. In a new construction home, the owner has the option to design a room with this feature in mind. 


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