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A Home Gym In A New Home
Monday, July 18th 2022, 4:00 AM

How To Design A Home Gym

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Health is the top priority for most. Exercise and fitness needs are now given a lot of importance. They are factored in budgets, time schedules, and planners. But for people with hectic schedules, or those living in unfavorable climates, it is challenging to find the time and energy to visit a gym regularly.

Having a home gym can be a luxury for many. After the pandemic, more homeowners started warming up to the idea of home gyms. Of course, this requires a spacious home and a budget for the new construction home or renovation planned. In Fredericksburg Texas, Sterling Creek Builders has been helping clients build new construction homes. This top-rated local home construction company makes dream homes come to reality. This custom home builder constructs homes that are unique and capture the views and lifestyle of the Texas Hill Country. In this article Sterling Creek Builders shares some tips to help new construction homeowners to plan and design a home gym.

A dedicated home gym is more of a luxury than a necessity. If space is available for a home gym, it must be designed so that it has an atmosphere and good lighting which ensures the users enjoy spending time in it.

The Following Points will Help Homeowners Plan a Home Gym for their New Home that they would Love Using and Spending Time in!

Select A Room

Though a spacious room is nice, a home gym need not be large. A room as large as a walk-in closet can also be designed as a functional and pleasant home gym. While some may want to use leftover space in the basement, for others, a space in a more prominent part of the home works. If the floor plan permits having the gym near a bathroom, it is best as it is more convenient to shower after a workout. Homes with less space can have a separate garden building to use as a home gym. Homeowners who have a pool on the property can combine a home gym with the pool house.

Size It

The size of the home gym depends on the needs of the family. A small room can serve as a yoga studio or small workout space. However, a fully equipped gym with a treadmill, weights, and other such equipment will need more space. If workouts involve exercises like high-intensity jumping, the room should not have ceilings that are too low. The American Council of Exercise recommends 20 to 50 sq. ft. of space for exercising with free weights. If a treadmill is to be included, an extra 30 sq. ft. would be needed. A multi-gym would need between 50 to 200 sq. ft. 


Families can choose the equipment they know they would use from many, be it free weights or elliptical machines. There is also more good-looking equipment that is compact to choose from now. The blending of luxury and technology in the gym makes it easier to choose beautiful and functional objects in the gym. People can choose interactive fitness systems, stationary smart trainers, treadmills, and stationary bikes based on their needs and budget.


If a home gym is being built in a new construction home, a layout with a good spatial flow can be created. This plan can consider how the space will be utilized and what equipment will be used. For example, there must be adequate space between machines, and equipment like treadmills need to have space behind if someone falls off. There must also be enough space for floor exercises. Open space in the center of the room makes it feel more spacious and makes more space for yoga, calisthenics, and stretching exercises. 

Walls and Flooring

Walls and flooring that are durable and easy to clean should be chosen for gyms. Walls can be covered with a durable material like plywood. A paint with an eggshell sheen is easier to clean compared to a matte surface. Mirrored walls or large framed mirrors can be used to make the space seem larger and help the home gym users see themselves when working out.  Resilient flooring like rubber tile or vinyl flooring can be installed wall to wall or like a large area mat over other floorings. Cushioned mats can be laid in different workout areas on a hardwood floor. Heavy equipment can have individual mats placed underneath to dampen noise. Custom home builders, like Sterling Creek in Fredericksburg, offer clients suggestions on suitable flooring types.


Home gyms may not need the same overhead lights that commercial gyms have. Multiple fixtures can be used to give layers of lighting. These can be controlled by dimmers to create a warm atmosphere and change the lighting as needed for various activities. Fixtures must be positioned to avoid people from looking directly into a bright light when exercising. 


The furniture and accessories used in the home gym must be practical to keep the place in order. They must allow users to complete workouts regularly and without interruptions. There must be storage cabinets, bins, or baskets to keep objects away when not in use. An audiovisual system may be installed to allow watching TV or listening to music during workouts. A kitchenette or custom cabinets for storage. can be included.

Home gyms may still be a luxury, but they are a welcome addition that can have a positive effect on the family's health. A custom home builder like Sterling Creek Builders in Fredericksburg, Texas can help owners plan and build a home to meet all their requirements. This residential construction expert helps clients to build homes with the best designs and materials and provides them with the most enjoyable home-building experience possible.  Sterling Creek Builders can be contacted by telephone at (325) 219-5155 by anyone hoping to build a new home in Fredericksburg.

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